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May 25, 2009, Posted, Sugarcreek Borough Police
Theft of Rail Road Property
Sugarcreek Borough, Venango Co. Pa.

Some time on March 25,2009 Sugarcreek Boro Police was dispatched to the Salvation Army Parking lot on Route 8 near K-Mart for a reported theift. Approx. 200 metal railroad anchors from a work site near the railroad tracks. The cost is $2.25 per anchor with a value of $450.00 in stolen anchors. Western NY & PA railroad workers stated they are commonly stolen and turned into scrap yards. The scrap yards in Crawford and Venango Counties have been hnotified. If you have any information please call 814.676.9162

May 25, 2009, Posted, Sugarcreek Borough Police
Sugarcreek Borough, Venango Co. Pa.

September 30, 2008 Police was dispatched to the Lucky Hills Golf Course on Warren Road for a Break-in. Unknown persons gained entry into the building by forcing open a service window. Once inside the Criminals ransacked the building throwing iteems about the rooms.
They then tried to pry open a Pepsi machine located beside the building causing damage to the door. The criminals damaged several other golf related items and caused a lot of Criminal mischief to the location.
If you have any information on this crime please call 814.676.9162

May 25, 2009, Posted, Sugarcreek Borough Police
Cugarcreek Borough, Venango Co. Pa.

Aug. 8, 2008 Police was dispatched to the Franklin Horseshoe Club building located at Miller Sibley Complex for a break-in. Unknown person's gained entry in the building by removing a lock hasp. The criminals removed approx. $40.00 in change from a drawer.
if you have any information please call Crime Stoppers at 814.676.9162

March 12,2009, Posted, Sheriff's Dept
Failed to Appear
Venango Co. Pa.

Jennifer Wade, White Female, Age 32, 5Ft. 2 Inch, 110 Lbs. Hair Brown, Eyes Brown. Wanted for Failure to Appear. Orignal charge. Receiving stolen property.
Call 814.676.9162

March 12, 2009, Posted, Sheriff's Dept
Failed to Appear
Venango Co. Pa.

Robert Lee Wagner, Age 45, White Male, 185 lbs., Hair Auburn, Eyes Hazel, Thought to be in the Oil City area. Wanted Failed to appear for Arraingnment Court. Orignal Charge. Possession of Marijuana
Call 814.676.9162

March 12, 2009 Posted Franklin PSP
Robbery / burglary
102 Circle St. Franklin, Pa.

While Marjorie Rodgers, white female, 84 yrs young was watching the Steelers / Chargers, Jan. 11, 2009 playoff game, in her residence two subjects forcefully pushed open her locked door. Once inside they DUCK TAPED her hands and arms and then searched her residence for cash. Upon finding her purse they left the residence with the victim's purse and cash, approx. $200 to $300. The actor's appeared to the victim to be in their teens, both wore dark colored hooded sweatshirts, and covered their faces to hide their identity. One subject was a male, the other could have also been male, but the victim indicated the subjects build could have been a female with very skinny arms and legs and ankles. The robber's are believed to have run towards and then along Park Ave.
If you have any information call 814.676.9162

Feb. 13, 2009 Posted, Oil City
Institutional Vandalism
Oil City, Pa.

The Oil City Police Department is investigating a rash of Graffiti painting on various building's. Some time between the hours of 4:00PM Feb. 3 and 8:00 AM on Feb. 4 person or person's did paint several symbols including dots, arrows and asterisks on several schools and public buildings.
The buildings that was defaced were the Smedley Street School, Seventh Street School, Hasson Elem. School and the Oil City Parking Ramp.
Anyone with information is asked to call Venango Co. Crime Stopers at 814.676.9162


July 17, 2008 Posted Franklin PSP
Criminal Mischief / Institutional Vandalism
Cranberry, Pa. Venango County

The Pa.State Police are looking for additional information regarding the spray painting of obscenity laced language on the buildings of Christian Ligfe Academy, Cranberry High School, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnes, numerous School Buses at Cranberry School Bus Company, and numerous homes in the area. Thousands of dollars of damage occured due to these acts.
Anyone who may have information is urged to call 814.676.9162

July 17, 2008 Posted Oil City Police
Criminal Mischief
Oil City, Pa.

During June and July in the Oil City area several incidents of criminal mischief have taken place. Many vehicles have had the windshields smashed to graffitti at the ball fields and downtown area.
If you have information on this crime or other crimes in Venango County call 814.676.9162

June 4, 2008 Posted Sugarcreek Borough Police
Criminal Mischief
Sugarcreek Borough, PA.

May 24, 2008 Sugarcreek Borough Police was called to the Valley Grove Elm. School located ay 403 Sugarcreek Drive in the Village of Sugarcreek. The investigation revealed that someone attempted to rempve a bronze statue of a little girl that is located near the front entrance to the school. The actors caused damage to the rock display when they were attempting to remove the statue. If you have any information on this crime call 814.676.9162

April 16, 2008 Posted Franklin PSP
Theft / Burglary
Cranberry, Pa. Venango Co., Pa.

Pa. State Police, Franklin have been investigating the theft of several lap top computers and a power point projector, taken from the Cranberry High School in Cranberry , Pa. during the evening of Weds. Jan. 30 from 4:00 to 4:30 PM. The total amount stolen was $7,868.00. If you have any information call 814.676.9162

March 19, 2008 Posted, Sugarcreek Borough Police
Sugarcreek Borough, Pa.

Sometime between Feb. 26, 2008 and March 4, 2008 individuals made access to the top of the Franklin VOR, on Lamberton Road and removed approx. 60 feet of Copper ground wire from differant locations on the building. The Franklin VOR is the building which houses the Radio that sends out signals that Pilots set their radios to that directs them on the hidden roads in the sky. Without this facility working properly it affects the ability of the pilots to fly saftly from point to point along a cross country flight or instrument landings at the local airport. If you have any information on this Crime call 814.676.9162

March 13. 2008 Reposting, Franklin PSP
Emlenton, Pa.
Wednesday Sept.19, 2007 at 3:37 AM some one smashed the front window of the Linmas Drug Store setting off an audible alarm. At least one of them entered the Drud Store. The burglars grabbed numerious prescribtion drugs from the inventory and from prescription bags that had been prepared for customers. One of the stolen drugs was (Azopt Eye Drops), a drug used to treat elevated pressure in the eye due to Glaucoma or high blood pressure. At 3:45 AM a witness observed two males running East on Main Street from the scene, South down 6th Street through the IGA parking lot and East along River Road in the area under the Route 208 Bridge. One of the Burglars was wearing a back pack. If you have any info. call 814.676.9162

Feb. 15, 2008 Posted, Sugarcreek Borough Police
Burglary / Theft
Sugarcreek Borough, Pa.

During the night of Jan. 29, 2008 Lowry's Auto Towing off Lamberton Road was entered. Once inside the actors took several various types of auto parts and tools from within the garage building. They entered the building by forcing open a door which caused damage to the surrounding structure. anyone with any information is asked to call Crime Stoppers. 814.676.9162

Nov.12, 2007 Posted, Franklin PSP
Emlenton, Pa.

Sept.19, 2007 early Wednesday morning around 3:37 AM, Linmas Drugs Inc. at 603 Main Street, Emlenton, Pa. was entered. It was reported that two males entered the building by breaking the front window of the Store. Once inside they removed numerous drugs valued at approx. $1700.00. Upon leaving the store they fled down 6th Street towards the river and South on River Road. If you have any information, please call Crime Stoppers at 814.676.9162

Aug. 15, 2007 Posted Pa. Board of Probatoion and Parole
Venango Co.
Parole Violator

Nathan Howard Norman, 25 is wanted for failing to maintain contact with his Parole Officer. He is 5 ft. 9 in. and 135 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes. Last known address was at 222 Sandy Point Road, Emlenton, Pa. Anyone with information is asked to call 814.676.9162

July 11, 2007 Posted, Sugarcreek Boro Police
Damaged Vehicles (keyed)

Sugarcreek Borough Police are investigating into a string of Criminal Mischief's that has occured at Four different times at the A. Crivelli Ford and Chevrolet Dealerships along Route 8 between Franklin and Oil City.
The first incident was on April 23, 2007 in which Nine vehicles were keyed causing, damage to both sides of the vehicles.
May 13, 2007 Five more vehicles were damaged in the same manor at the same location.
June 18, 2007 The Chevrolet dealership located across from the Ford Dealership had Eight vehicles keyed and damaged in the same manor.
July 2, 2007 Ten more vehicles were damaged at the Chevrolet dealership
The damage to the vehicles listed above at the A.Criville Dealerships is above $30,000.00. If you have any knowledge of these crimes call 676.9162

Dec.23, 2006 Posted Oil City, Pa.
The first suspected arson occured at about 11 pm Sept. 21, 06 at 102 Cooper Ave. on the North Side. The fire startedon the second floor in an empty bedroom just off the kitchen near the rear of the building. The apartment had been vacant for about a week, and the city code office had condemned the building. There was no insurance on the dwelling.
The second fire was at about 2:30 a.m. Nov. 18, 06 Oak Grove St. on the North Side. That fire was listed as suspicious following investigations by the fire dept. and state police. That residence was also vacant and uninsured.
The trird blaze was at about 4:30 a.m. Sunday Dec. 17, 06 at 108 Emerald St. in the Polish area of townon the North Side. That fire also was at an uninsured and vacant dwelling.
Anyone with information about any of these fires, please call 676.9162

Nov.24,2006 Posted Venango County, Pa.
Simple Assualt

On May 26,2005 the victim Christina Miller was struck in the leg with an aluminum Pipe by the accused Anthony Eugene Stevenson. Stevenson was charged with Simple Assualt nad never appeared for his hearing after having posted bond. Stevenson is 6 ft.1 in. and 210 lbs., has Hazle eyes, and Brown hair. He is 32 yrs.of age, DOB 9/7/74. His last known address is 4080 SR 417, Cooperstown, Pa. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Stevenson please call Crime Stoppers at 814.676.9162

Feb. 11, 2006, Posted, Venango County, Pa.
Armed Robbery, Barkeyville Boro
Pa. State Police, Franklin, Pa. is looking for information relative to Robbery at the Citgo Stateion on route 8 at Barkeyville, Pa. On Dec 28, 2005 at 10:35 P.M. a black male appearing to be in his mid 20's, wearing dark clothing with a hood, knit hat and a covering over his mouth entered the store. He displayed a small caliber semi-automatic handgun that was black in color. He acquired several hundred dollars from the Citgo and fled on foot. The suspect possibly entered a white SUV with a possible white female operator. The SUV traveled West on I 80.
If you have any information about this crime call 814.676.9162

Dec. 15, 2004, Posted, Oil City, Pa.
Oil City High School Roof Damaged.
The rubber roof of the high school was damaged some time between Nov.24 and Dec. 1, 2004. The person's once on top the roof made several cuts to the roof which then allowed rain fall and moisture to leak into the interior of the building. This vandalism has cost the Oil City School District and Taxpayers Thousands of dollars to make repairs to the roof, skylights and interior portions of the building. Anyone who has witnessed unusual activity at the school between the above mentioned dates are asked to call 814.676.9162.

Dec. 19, 2001 Posted, Cranberry Twp. Venango Co. Pa.

James Leroy MANROSS, Jr. was camping at the swimming area on Aries Hill Road located near the bridge. He was shot during the early morning hours, approximately 5 A.M. to 7:20 A.M. on Aug. 05, 1998. We are looking for anyone who may have seen anything, been in the area at the time, or have any information that may assist this investigation. Please call our Tipline at 814.676.9162